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Jun 22, 2017 | 1:00pm ET -- We are fresh off this year’s CNP Expo and the editorial team is eager to share the most important takeaways from the event. Join D.J. Murphy and Karisse Hendrick as they detail what CNP payments and fraud professionals were talking about during CNP Expo week. In educational sessions, in the hallways and at the networking events, trends definitely emerged. We’ll let you know what challenges and opportunities people were talking most about and what they are planning to do about them. 1) What fraud types are giving CNP merchants fits this year? 2) What do they need to start worrying about now? 3) What are the best opportunities to increase revenue through payment strategies? 4) What can you do about it all?

Jun 18, 2015 | Online Podcast An in-depth, global report from the BPI Network explains how this major shift is already changing the nature of IT, enhancing security and increasing reliability for many companies – and why those who wait will be left behind. Join BPI Editorial Director Tom Murphy and Richard Garratt, director of data center solutions at Dimension Data, in an important APQC podcast as they analyze the cause and explore how this transformation will improve the quality of services to consumers while positioning businesses to grow with far greater cost-efficiencies.  

Dec 02, 2014 | Online There's no doubt that the “Internet of Things” is driving the next wave of innovation. But with the Internet of Things (IoT) comes new hurdles and challenges that will require that the entire organization set out with new customer experience strategies. To take advantage of the opportunities IoT offers, strategies must be developed now. Join the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council as we hear from leading experts in the space who will share insights into successfully monetizing the Internet of Things. This interactive 1-hour webcast is intended to bring business leaders from across finance, operations, and marketing together to discuss the next wave of business - and to ask critical questions to ensure that our businesses and our customer experiences are ready for the shift to IoT. Speakers: Brendan O'Brien, Cloud Billing Inventor and Co-founder of Aria Systems, Matthew Grattan, Sr. Director Ecommerce from Avalara, and Liz Miller, SVP of Marketing, CMO Council.

On Demand | Online Today’s senior FP&A executives are facing a critical need to provide a more responsive, flexible and continuous planning, budgeting and forecasting process that will allow them to adapt to changing market conditions and opportunities, which will enable their financial planning to become more relevant and valuable to business outcomes. In this thought leadership webinar we will look at the organizational roadblocks and challenges that are keeping the financial planning function from delivering greater business and decision-making value across the organization and hear from leading executives on how to implement new thinking and processes.

On Demand | Online Speakers: Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director (SAS); Liz Miller, VP of Marketing Programs & Operations (CMO Council) According to the CMO Council’s latest study, titled “Big Data’s Biggest Role,” both marketing and IT both believe that customer centricity must start with a corporate culture that focuses all strategies and programs around the needs of the customer. It is clear that…