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5 Big Questions on Innovation

Wai Wong, CEO and Founder, Serviceaide

Wai Wong
CEO and Founder at Serviceaide

Wai is Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Serviceaide. A serial entrepreneur, he has been in the high-tech industry for 36 years. Wai held executive leadership roles at BEA where he was the EVP and Global Chief Product Officer and at CA Technologies where he was the SVP and GM of the Unicenter brand, SVP and GM of WW Services, ...
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Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Next Steps in Optimizing Business and IT Agility, Efficiency and Security

This report explores a wide range of strategic business and technology issues in operationalizing multi-cloud to optimize agility, efficiency, security and control. More »

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How To Achieve Transformational Growth

Combining Vision, Insight, and Innovation with Cultural Alignment and Unified, Disciplined Digital Execution

In the age of digital transformation and accelerating competitive intensity, organizations across the globe are setting forth routes to revenue to achieve consistent and substantial growth. More »

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BPI Network Report Catalogue

The BPI Network Report Catalogue presents a multitude of reports featuring the many challenges and ever-changing trends revolving around all things innovation in the world of tech. Gain access to every report produced by the BPI Network. More »

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Securing the Future of a Smart World

Opportunities and Challenges in a 5G Connected Economy

This report delves into the future of 5G: highlighting the plethora of strategic business and technology decisions that service providers will have to make and delving into the most significant use cases that will disrupt industries as we know them. More »

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The Navis Business Bellwether

The global maritime industry is cautiously optimistic about the global business environment for world trade, but also concerned about the potential impact of trade tensions, cyber security, fuel costs and other headwinds to industry recovery. More »

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Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Next Steps in Optimizing Business and IT Agility, Efficiency and Security

Today’s modern enterprise is increasingly operating in multi-cloud environments. While the agility, scalability and flexibility of multi-cloud enable new business use cases and strategies, it also raises concerns around security, traffic demands and new skill set requirements.

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Parental Burnout Barometer

The Incidence of Weary + Worn Out Parents in America

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To Keep Your Business Relevant, Look to the Fringes

By Allen Adamson

How is it possible to continually evolve at a pace that keeps you ahead of the curve? Why do some organizations continually evolve to meet the times, and others struggle to keep up? Among the key factors that separate the winners from the laggards are the ability to see what’s in the road ahead and the wherewithal to react... More »

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Pivotal Practices for Leading Innovation

By Amiel Handelsman

Listening like a master and seeing patterns: The two pivotal practices for leading innovation. Leading innovation requires a distinct set of learnable skills. These skills, often hidden from view, are instrumental to developing the culture, people, and structures needed to innovate. Amiel Handelsman describes how to elevate your game from... More »

Every holiday season GlobalFluency, the CMO Council and the BPI Network highlight a cause that is working to brighten the world. This year, we’d like to introduce you to Play Rugby USA (www.playrugbyusa.com), an award winning social change program dedicated to empowering and developing at-risk youth through the game of rugby.

Play Rugby USA runs inspirational, team-building programs that help disadvantaged inner city kids and teens develop physically and emotionally. Thousands are learning to tackle life’s challenges and improving their self-concept and confidence by playing one of the world’s most demanding sports.

But as with all great causes, Play Rugby USA cannot impact young lives without financial assistance. As you look to spread cheer this holiday season, please consider supporting this innovative initiative to build wellness and self-worth among youth in marginalized inner city communities. www.playrugbyusa.com