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Dr. Kai-Henrik Barth, Digital Transformation, The Small Group GmbH

Dr. Kai-Henrik Barth
Digital Transformation
The Small Group GmbH

Based in Europe, Kai´s main focus is investing in disruptive business models, supporting companies to strategize for digital change and turning ideas into businesses with bottom-line results. His hands-on approach is valued by companies facing drastic technological change in their business, and who are looking for investment possibilities and M&A acceleration to support their development. His input is delivered by board functions, investment, consulting, and target identification for M&A processes.

For more than 20 years, Kai has been active in the field of digital transformation, both in large corporations like Sony and Fuji as well as in self-created companies located in Europe, the US and Japan. While running businesses spanning consumer electronics, printing, medical, e-publishing, and life science, Kai has kept the changing market in clear focus and prepared organizations for technological change that helps adapt them towards new business models and revenue streams.

Kai currently works with prescriptive analytics, prosodic voice recognition, e-commerce models, scientific online reading, and retail innovations. He is a strong believer, after having witnessed the surge of the internet for 20 years, that this is only a prelude to the much more drastic changes to come - 3D printing, virtuality, IoT, and M2M connectedness.

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