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Daniel Ostrower , CEO, Altitude

Daniel Ostrower

Dan is the Chief Executive Officer of Altitude. Altitude, an award-winning innovation and design firm, creates breakthrough products, experiences and business models that deeply resonate with users and build lasting business success for clients. Dan is responsible for architecting an innovation offering that provides deep and lasting value for Altitude’s clients and for building an organization in which the most talented innovators will thrive.

Dan’s 20 years’ of multi-disciplinary, multi-industry experience have prepared him perfectly to lead on the bleeding edge of innovation. His career is a study in translating and crossing boundaries: between consulting and operations, technology and strategy, and start-up and corporation.

As a consultant with Monitor Company, Dan helped transform Fortune 500 companies spanning industries as diverse as fast food, life insurance, and medical products. As an entrepreneur, Dan helped found and build three high-tech startups that raised more than $40 million in venture capital and launched disruptive technologies to market in partnership with leading OEM customers. At one of these, SMaL Camera Technologies, Dan grew an automotive camera business that helped pioneer the active safety systems found on millions of passenger cars today and are now the precursor to driverless cars. Dan joined Altitude in 2010 after having been a client at RedShift Systems. 

Dan has a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard, as well as an MBA and Masters in Engineering from Stanford.

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