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Saum Mathur, SVP for Big Data Analytics and Information Management, CA Technologies

Saum Mathur, SVP for Big Data Analytics and Information Management at CA Technologies Read insights

CA Technologies has emerged as one of the world’s largest independent software companies, based on a mission to "create software that fuels transformation for companies and enables them to seize the opportunities of the application economy.” Its consistent approach, across 40 countries of operation, is to work with companies worldwide to change the way we live, transact, and communicate – providing solutions on mobile, private and public cloud, distributed and mainframe environments–and bridge the gap between ideas and business outcomes.

Saum Mathur, SVP for Big Data Analytics and Information Management, told BPI that the ability of the Business Analytics team to influence company strategy has made key impacts traceable to a more competitive outlook for the future. “A lot of business intelligence groups in the industry are still taking care of the 'plumbing' of data. They are purveyors of reports, but they are not influencing strategic decisions and helping improve the financials of the company using machine learning and artificial intelligence. They are not yet talking about the value that the insights impart. At CA Technologies, I'm able to have a conversation with the C-level executives to influence their sales, marketing and customer experience strategies.”

Inspired by the successes that modern e-tailers in the B2C world have had in growing their business using analytics, and in response to a fundamental shift in how enterprise software is bought, Mathur’s team is laying the foundation for transforming CA technologies from a traditional B2B enterprise software company to a “B2I” company (“Business to Individual”). 

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