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Helen Simpson, Head of Innovation, Ikabo

Helen Simpson, Head of Innovation at Ikabo Read insights

Helen Simpson is Head of Innovation at Ikabo an online collaboration and innovation platform based in Australia. Helen holds a joint honours degree in Business finance and economics and a postgraduate diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has undertaken extensive training in creativity and innovation. Helen is responsible for brand positioning and communication, customer centric strategic planning, a customer driven product development pipeline and onboarding and training new clients. 

Prior to joining Ikabo, Helen worked for Squiz in a business transformation role helping organisations better leverage digital technology to achieve innovation and growth. Prior to this, she has worked in customer insights and customer driven product innovation for some of the world's leading corporates in domestic, regional and global roles. She has led global teams to develop new products, insights programmes and innovation and communication strategies. 

Ikabo is an online innovation platform which crowd sources insight and ideas to help problem solve, collaborate and co-create at scale. This results in the best ideas progressing, whilst dramatically increasing engagement and sustaining a culture of innovation and transformation.

Ikabo is an important digital tool for modern organisations who want to empower teams to transform the way they work and drive a culture of creative problem solving and innovation. 

Helen is passionate about helping organizations drive innovation and positive change by engaging & harnessing their people’s talent. Ikabo works with business leaders to optimise employee engagement, amplify their innovation efforts and collaborate and co create solutions at scale. 

Ikabo is growing through taking a collaborative approach to innovation and growth and harnessing its ecosystem of partners to help solve client problems. 

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