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Growth Engineering: Mapping Routes to Revenue

Applying Vision, Innovation and Insights to Achieve Persistent Performance

Effective use of on-demand knowledge, predictive analytics, customer insight and market intelligence are essential to mapping growth strategies and driving innovation and transformation across the enterprise. Revenue growth and competitiveness are contingent on real-time monitoring of geo markets, product categories, new technologies, customer behavior and global economic and regulatory changes. Assessing and sustaining growth requires new disciplines, data-driven decision making, digital proficiency, and adaptive organizational cultures.

The CMO Council and Business Performance Innovation Network are partnering with Frost & Sullivan to engage leaders across global enterprises in a new conversation about the requirements for Growth Engineering in today’s global, digitally driven, hyper-competitive business world. The CMO Council and BPI Network will also be teaming with other providers of next-generation solutions and best practices that accelerate revenue growth and customer acquisition, improve market and customer visibility, identify new opportunities, improve partner integration and success, and manage and optimize profitability and revenue performance.

The Growth Engineering initiative will include the creation of a new microsite, the Growth Guidance Center (GGC), to explore what factors and forces inhibit, disrupt, accelerate, diversify and sustain growth. The GGC will foster information sharing and dialog, aggregate relevant content, case studies, executive perspectives and new thought leadership studies, promote best practices, and enable self-assessments and audits of opportunities, organizational capacity and assets for growth.

Recent studies by the CMO Council and BPI Network have underscored the growing expectations and imperatives among CMOs and other C-Suite executives to take responsibility and drive innovation around growth and business performance. Research undertaken by the CMO Council, entitled “The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift” found that a quarter of all respondents believe the CMO is now primarily responsible for growth strategies and revenue generation.

Some 70 percent say their organizations expect marketing to be the primary revenue driver and business growth architect. Yet many CMOs surveyed appear to be struggling to embrace data-driven analytics in the pursuit of revenue and more profitable enduring customer relationships. Studies by the BPI Network have found high expectations for new growth and business models driven by emerging technologies, such as IoT, artificial intelligence and 5G.

Key areas of exploration and assessment for the new Growth Engineering initiative include:

  • Issues, obstacles, complexities and challenges
  • Enablers, drivers, multipliers and accelerators
  • Market forces, factors, restrictions and constraints
  • Cultural, structural and organizational restraints
  • Competitive advantages, intensity and scalability
  • Strategic account penetration and consolidation
  • Digital disruption and market migration/maturation
  • Technology innovation and process automation
  • Product invention, diversification, extensions and add-ons
  • Pricing strategies, margin factors and product sourcing costs
  • Customer acquisition, value creation, retention and recovery
  • Channel dependency, disintermediation and automation
  • Cross border complexities and emerging market dynamics
  • Regulatory, legislative, risk, policy and compliance inhibitors


How To Achieve Transformational Growth
In the age of digital transformation and accelerating competitive intensity, organizations across the globe are setting forth routes to revenue to achieve consistent and substantial growth.
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Facts & Stats

45 percent of mid-market company executives say they generate more than half of their revenue internationally (Source)

Revenue growth is a top business priority in 2019, beating out even customer retention (Source)

42 percent of business leaders believe they will see a major growth in business performance in 2019 compared to 2018 (Source)

47 percent of 'high-growth' companies allocate 60 percent or more of innovation investment on disruptive innovation, compared to 36 percent of other companies (Source)

70 percent of CMOs say they are most prepared to drive revenue growth within their organization (Source)

Only 21 percent of CMOs say they are mapping routes for global expansion (Source)

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Mar 02 - 04, 2020 | Phoenix, Arizona

Sales Team Accelerator Retreat (STAR): A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange is a remarkable setting for key members of the sales organization to come together to strengthen their bonds and improve communication, productivity, and effectiveness. The unique format also delivers robust opportunities to collaborate with other sales organizations to tackle shared challenges around C-Suite expectations; talent; sales tools; best practices and processes; changing customer behavior; and game-changing emerging technologies.Sales Leadership participants will learn and share how their peers achieve scalable revenue growth and how they design, build, & manage their sales organizations. The content will hit upon how to beat the competition, grow existing customers and identify the right technology for different types of sales teams. Discussions will center around account management policies, forecasting, team training and development, as well as setting sales targets and performance, monitoring and evaluation methods.  

Sep 13 - 16, 2020 | tbd

With changes occurring across industries and within organizations’ internal environments, learning how to best adapt to these changes will help secure the future of adaptive structures, transformational workforces and agile processes. The Future of Business: Revolutionize the Workforce, Customer Engagement and Strategies will present insights and ideas into ways to drive growth, increase customer value and ways to maintain a long-term competitive advantage. With the opportunity to engage in conversation with industry peers, you will get the chance to expand your circle of contacts and build lasting connections.