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Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise

Next Steps in Optimizing Business and IT Agility, Efficiency and Security

As organizations accelerate their move to the cloud, many companies are now adopting a multi-cloud strategy. By using multiple public and private clouds, enterprises seek to avoid vendor lock-in, utilize different cloud platforms and services to meet the specific needs of various workloads, reduce the impact of such threats as DDoS attacks, and realize a variety of other valuable benefits.

Indeed, some recent studies indicate that approximately 8 in 10 enterprises have moved beyond a one-cloud-fits-all approach and are utilizing two or more clouds as they work to accelerate the digital transformation of their IT infrastructures. While a multi-cloud approach provides significant benefits, it also comes with a new set of challenges. From regulatory and corporate policy compliance, to multi-vendor and cost management, to application and data migration and management, to new security issues and requirements—IT organizations and their enterprises are grappling with significant issues in seeking to optimize the value, reliability and agility of multi-cloud environments.

The Business Performance Innovation Network, in partnership with A10 Networks, a leading provider of security and application delivery solutions for cloud-enabled enterprises worldwide, has embarked on a major study to explore the state of multi-cloud deployments globally. This includes where enterprises are in their use of multiple clouds, the benefits they are deriving from these deployments and the challenges they are facing in their journey. 

Our study, “Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise,” includes a global survey of IT and business leaders, as well as qualitative interviews with executives who are architecting multi-cloud environments and IT approaches. It looks at the strategies, practices, technologies and tools organizations will need to be successful and competitive in this new multi-cloud world.

We hope are findings will provide valuable new insights, best practices and a score card for the future of digital transformation and multi-cloud computing.


Mapping the Multi-Cloud Enterprise
This report explores a wide range of strategic business and technology issues in operationalizing multi-cloud to optimize agility, efficiency, security and control.
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