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Powering PDF Users in Banking and Finance

It’s all-digital all the time, and this means everyone needs to be a digital content creator, especially in document-heavy banking and finance industries. With social distancing, customers are trafficking in digital information throughout the day. This means employees need to be able to whip up, mark up and share documents as easily, and perhaps more frequently, as handing out documents to customers in an office setting. Printed paper has no place anymore.

Yet only a handful of banking and finance employees within a company are PDF power users today. Sky-high software licensing costs and a steep learning curve keep many at bay. Free versions only frustrate users.

In today’s digital world, banking and finance companies should re-visit their digital document strategy with designs on opening it up to more people. The upside: It’s a good time to make sweeping changes, consolidate software, cut costs. Solutions abound that are affordable and user-friendly and can ignite a cadre of power users.

Doing More with Digital
Let’s face it: Fewer and fewer people walk into banks or meet face-to-face with financial advisors. This trend is only going to continue in the age of social distancing. Banking and finance professionals need to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers in a digital way. They need the ability to create and work with documents easily. It’s an important piece in a financial company’s digital transformation.

Corralling Costs
In good times, the idea of ripping and replacing software to save some money seemed like a waste of time. But now cutting costs amid dwindling sales and shrinking budgets is absolutely paramount. Everything can and should be scrutinized, including digital content tools. Are you overpaying? Underutilizing? And, most importantly, can you do more for less?

Serving Paperless Customers
The BPI Network is conducting a survey on banking and finance companies going paperless while empowering employees and saving money in the process. The goal is to identify demand for power PDF users, as well as ways to better support them and increase their ranks. The survey will also seek insight into emerging customer behaviors in regards to digital content within banking and finance industries.


Powering PDF Users in Banking and Finance
This report details the challenging PDF environment, provides a list of must-have advanced features, highlights major problem areas, and delivers recommendations for creating and managing a robust PDF environment.
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Facts & Stats

Three quarters of survey respondents say they would consider a digital-only bank (Source)

52% of survey respondents conduct most of their banking online (Source)

44% of customers choose online banking because it's more efficient (Source)

In 2018, the total number of digital banking users was expected to exceed two billion worldwide (Source)

31% of financial organizations listed improving efficiency as a top reason for the motivation to drive digital transformation (Source)

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